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  1. I graduated in May of 2005, and received my licence in July. I've been working on a busy med-surg floor since then. Yesterday, we had clinical students from my nursing school. Two of the students were assigned to two of my patient's. The students had minimum clinical experience. I spent as much time as I could teaching them and answering their questions, and at the end of their stay, one of them came up to me and said," Thank-you for helping me with learning some skills today. I hope I get assigned to some of your patient's next week because you are such a good nurse." Wow, that really blewe me away, because I remember being a student, and wondering how I could take care of 4-5 patient's and still provide quality care. I emphasized that the technical aspects of nursing-IV"s, operating pumps, etc ,well skills develop in time. The most imporatant thing is good, SAFE, patient care-thorough assessments, good technique, good communication and listening to yur patients. Yesterday was a good day for me. Just wanted to share. Julie
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  3. by   USA987
    That's awesome! Keep up the good work!
  4. by   rayofsunshine
    That's really great!!! As a new nursing student who's about to start clinicals soon, thank you too!!! I'm a little worried about how we will be received. Knowing that there are nurses who remember being in our position is great! Also, the addtitional help you gave is AWESOME!!!
  5. by   JentheRN05
    That is awesome. I hope to shadow that experience on the floor I begin working on next week which is a teaching floor that has students every day of the week except weekends.