Failure before I even start? I NEED to work!

  1. Okay, here's my deal.

    May 2006 I graduate. August 2006, I take the NCLEX, first time. 265 questions, didn't pass. Hit me hard. I felt lonely, anxious, scared, and dissapointed in myself so I didn't take the test again until this morning, November 4, 2006. 120 questions. I don't think I passed (but I'm trying to be optimistic, can you tell? =P)

    Anyway, I miss being at the bedside. I'm becoming restless just sitting at home studying 24/7. I NEED to work. I've been having so much dreams of working, it's weird. However, I have 2 problems: not passing the NCLEX, and not having any previous nursing experience.

    • If I don't pass this test, is there something hospital related I can do with my BSN? I don't want to take the LPN test because I need the money to take the NCLEX. Is CNA the only thing I can do?
    • If I do pass the test, what can I say in interviews when they ask me why I do not have any previous experience? This is where I hit potholes when I had interviews the first time. [I didn't get a job during nursing school because I was too scared to; I wanted to take nursing one step at a time.) This seems to be a big downside for me because I can see in the employers face that they don't think I'm qualified.
    Any suggestions and comments would be GREATLY appreciated!
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  3. by   EricJRN
    Many people do take a while to recover from school and get out into the working world after graduation, so I don't think you will stick out too badly. First thing is first - wait to get the official word on your NCLEX result, then go from there.
  4. by   LadyT618
    First off, do not beat yourself up. Take it one day at a time. Secondly, you are a new grad, new nurse. Most hospitals (if any) do not usually require new RNs to have hospital experience. In my opinion, most new RNs do not have hospital experience. Believe me, your future new employers will not penalize you for not having hospital experience. If they ask why you did not work whilst in nursing school, simply tell them you needed to concentrate on your studies. Don't say you were scared.

    As far as I know, regarding working while you wait for the results, since you have failed, you cannot work as a GN, but you can work as a CNA/PCA (however they call them where you are). You can still get to help patients at the bedside in this position while you wait for the results of you passing (see, optimism) :spin:

    In the meantime, hang in there, don't give up hope and keep your head up!!

    Take care.
  5. by   llg
    I agree with the other responses. Your situation is probably not as bad as it seems to you as the moment. While having some work experience is an advantage when applying for a job, it is rarely necessary for those positions that are usually filled by new grads.

    Step 1. Wait for your results before assuming you did not pass. You might surprise yourself.

    Step 2. Work on your resume while you wait. Does it include all of your good qualities?

    Step 3. Assess the local job market and locate jobs you are interested in -- at the RN level mostly, but also at the nursing assistant level if you really think that might be necessary. If possible, and if you need to, focus on the CNA jobs in the same places where you want to work as an RN. That way, you will have the opportunity to make a good impression on them while you work as a CNA if you have to.

    Step 4: Prepare for interviews. Anticipate the types of questions you might be asked and practice giving good answers. Be able to articulate why that job interests you, what your career goals are, what your strengths and weaknesses are, etc. Also prepare for a few questions about your NCLEX situation. For example, somone might ask you why you waited so long in between graduation and taking NCLEX for the first time.

    Step 5. Fill out job applications and follow up in a few days with a phone call to be sure the application is being considered.

    Step 6. Keep plugging away at the above steps until you find and land the right job for you.

    All along the way: Keep us updated on how you are doing and feel free to ask for guidance and support as necessary.

    Good luck,