1. I don't know about you guys, but 99% of employers only seek those with "One year experience"...its like...uhh..how do you expect to get experience if no one wants to hire new grads.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    It saves them money on the length of your orientation. With experience, you just need a few weeks at most to learn their procedures, as a nuew grad, you need the full orientation.

    Certain areas only do new grad orientations a couple of times oer year, and hire with experience the rest of the time, when possible.

    Where are you looking for a job?
  4. by   IcantThinkofaName
    Los Angeles and Orange County area here in California.
  5. by   nursefrancois
    Try applying to the Veterans Hospitals. Call the human resources dept. and ask to speak to the Nurse Recuiter. I applied to the San Francisco Veterans hospital this week. I know they hire new graduates
  6. by   NPAlby
    Is that what you're reading from print ads or is that what you're actually being told my the nurse recruiters? I'm in NYC and surprised they wouldn't be fighting over you. I only got that line about experience when I wanted to go into a specialty right out of school. I knew I wanted to do psych but they all said I needed med/surg experience. Well not "all" just the hospitals in Brooklyn for some reason. I just went to Manhattan and got my dream job relatively quickly on a geri-psych floor. I think I was their first new grad ever on that unit! Anyway, don't get discouraged just keeping calling, sending resumes and all that good stuff. You do want a hospital with a good new grad orientation. Again I was lucky I worked on oncology unit while I was GN. It was a big teaching hospital affliated with the university. You're an RN in the middle of a nursing shortage, someone is going to hire you. Just don't forget your priority of taking care of yourself and getting the best orientation you can. Good luck!