Duke RN Residency 2016

  1. Hey everyone,
    I am starting this thread for the upcoming 2016 Duke RN Residency. Im making the move to NC and I am looking forward to meeting all of you all. I have accepted a position in the CTICU and couldn't be more excited to get up there and get started. Feel free to comment where you all are going to be working and I will see you all in February. Good luck on your NCLEX !

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  3. by   jsy16
    Congrats! I'm about to apply to the residency as well!
  4. by   runner502
    I am actually interviewing for a position on the Adult Medicine Unit next Tuesday! I will also have to relocate if I'm offered a position. Have you already found a place? I will be by myself and don't know anyone there, so I have to make sure it's affordable and safe. Where are you living now? I'm in MD.
  5. by   nursinghopeful03
    Hello, I'm a BSN student graduating next summer and will be interested in applying to Duke's program (hoping for critical care as well). Can you tell me about the application process and what helped you to get offered a job? Any info on your stats (gpa, volunteer, work experience) appreciated as well. :-)
  6. by   GolferBSN
    Haven't found a place yet got a few months focusing on NCLEX then Ill worry about the particulars good luck with the interview
  7. by   runner502
    Wow! You're really lucky you already have a job offer. I passed the boards in July and have been trying ever since. I think the fact that my Bachelors is not in nursing and I have the ADN has made it harder. There are not a lot of hospitals around here wanting to hire new grads without a BSN or new grads period! There are tons of CN II positions, but until I get a good year of experience, I don't have many options here. I'm hoping that the Duke interview will go well. I'm not too sure how I feel about a group hiring event though but I am willing to do whatever it takes! I've tried hospitals in Florida where I did my undergrad, but since that's not a compact state I think it makes it harder for someone with an out of state license. Good luck on the NCLEX! I'm sure you'll do great!
  8. by   GolferBSN
    Don't give up ! God will place you where He see's the best fit
  9. by   runner502
    Thanks. I truly believe that too. I just have to remember to have faith and keep going. Thanks for the encouragement!
  10. by   drewberttt
    I'll be on 3100 CT Surgery Stepdown! Very excited--just have to figure out where I'm going to live now.
  11. by   GolferBSN
    I'm sure we will be working together a lot looking forward to it !
  12. by   runner502
    That's great! I leave tomorrow from MD for the 1 hr shadow on Monday and then the open house/ interview on Tuesday. I'm not sure which unit it just said Adult Medicine. When did you interview and get the offer? If I end up getting an offer, I'll also have to find a place to live. Where are you from?
  13. by   drewberttt
    I interviewed and shadowed on 11/5 and got the offer the same day...I'm relocating from VA
  14. by   drewberttt
    I have two classmates that are heading down for shadowing Monday and interviews on Tuesday as well!