don't know what to pick!

  1. I am between 2 job offers at the same pediatric hospital.

    I love peds, and want to work there, but I am stuck between choosing a telemetry unit or orthopedic unit.

    I don't know which way to go, I like them both!
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  3. by   RNgonewild
    What has your past experiences been? Do you want to stay with that or switch? How much extra training is needed for each?
  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    Tele might be physically less demanding than ortho, but it may have a much steeper learning curve. I do both in my job, and I'm ambivalent. Teenager males in Buck's traction are HEAVY! But then cardiac rhythms are much less easy to pin down than adult ones. It's all in what you're going to be excited about everyday when you go to work. Which one most makes you want to learn more about it?
  5. by   labrador4122
    I love the hospital so much, and love all the units.

    It's so hard to pick. I wish I could just be a float nurse, and just go to a new place everyday!

    I will probably stick with the orthopedics... that was my first job offer, and the director there was super nice.