Did anyone do the Kaplan online course

  1. Since I did not pass boards the first time around I am now seriously considering spending the $350 on the Kaplan online review course. IT is good for 3 months so it will take me right through October which willl be the time I am eligible to retake the exam. Did anyone do the review. Did you like the review. Did it give a good review on prioritizing and diaster nursing type questions. I have considered the Kaplan in class course but they are not doing another one until mid october in my area and that will be too late for me.

    Thank you
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  3. by   warhawk

    i couldn't afford those review courses. however, if u r thinking 'bout review courses look into the hurst review. u can get the info on the internet. it is much cheaper than kaplan and some of my classmates mentioned it was good. the books i used was kaplan ($35), mosby, and saunder's. i used the kaplan to help me w/ test taking strategies (this is a MUST-GET book). the strategies were excellant. i used mosby & saunder's when answering questions w/ rationales on the computer. anyways... hope this helps. good luck 2 u and i'm glad that u decided 2 take nclex, again. i know u can do this. keep us posted. take care.
  4. by   Katnip
    I didn't take it online, I did take it in person. It's the same content either way. They do guarantee you'll pass the boards if you take the course.

    From my experience, it was well organized, the information and practice tests were very similar to what was on the NCLEX. I thought Saunders and Mosby's were very good, but the questions were somewhat different than what you find on the test.

    Also, see if your hospital will reimburse you for at least part of the course. Mine did. Around here, they all do.
  5. by   ERRN5778
    I took the Kaplan Course at a facility....and I suggest you do the same only because you can get "into the groove" of studying when you see others study. But anyway, as far as the course goes, I didn't think the lecture was at all helpful because at every lesson, the teacher would go over the questions and explain why the right answer was the right and the rest were wrong, etc. But I did find their audio/video followed by mini tests to be very helpful. I liked Kaplan because they showed you which questions were the "difficult" questions to answer (you know the ones you need to answer right to pass the NCLEX). The mini tests that followed after every audio/video lecture contained a majority of the "difficult" questions. Good Luck.
  6. by   Chrislynn2003

    I too am going to be taking NCLEX in October for the 2nd time.I just signed up for the online course and so far it seems great, letting you focus on the difficult types of questions which are what you need to pass NCLEX. It's organized and gives you test taking strategies to figure out what the right answer is. Also, it tells you how to approach priority questions(which is helping me). I was kind of reluctant to take this course at first because of the money, but if it means passing the NCLEX, it's well worth it. Actually the course is $349 and they will mail you 2 CDs and a course book along with the online portion. They charged me $25 to ship this, so it was $374 all together. Whats also great about this course is they give you a curriculum guide which tells you what order to do the course in and it gives you approximate timelines for each section. Good luck!