CHOC RN Residency August 2018

  1. Hello everyone, so applications for CHOC opened recently and i wanted to start this so that we could keep each other updated! i just applied for PICU! good luck to you all
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  3. by   pedsmentalhealthRN
    i'm going to be applying to the mental health unit! anyone else? good luck to you all too, i wish the best for all of us!
  4. by   jorwil1
    Hi! I applied for the NICU. Thank you for starting this thread!
  5. by   nursing95
    JorWil1 have you heard anything from the NICU yet? I applied for that too!
  6. by   nursing95
    Im so nervous!
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  7. by   jorwil1
    Not yet! Good luck to you!
  8. by   janelle94
    I applied to nicu
  9. by   baearea
    I applied for Hem/Onc! Good luck everyone!
  10. by   nursing-friend
    Hello all! I applied for the Fellowship Program at NICU at Mission Viejo Campus. Anyone else apply for that location? Also wondering if others attached cover letters and resumes to their application. Good luck everyone!
  11. by   baearea
    Hi nursing-friend, I attached my resume to my application but since I didn't see a spot for cover letter, I uploaded it to my profile instead!
  12. by   nursing-friend
    Awesome, baearea, BSN, RN!
  13. by   nursing-friend
    As of today, CHOC is no longer accepting any more applications for the Fall 2018 New Grad Residency and Fellowship Programs. Please let us know if and when you've had a change to your submission status!
  14. by   nothisiserika
    I applied for the PICU at Orange County