Checks and Rights of medication administration..

  1. Yep I know the titel does sound a bit boring, but I do need a answer on the topic. So if you can bear,...

    For my coming up RN exam in Hong Kong I need to know the :

    - 3 checks and 5 rights concerning medication administration.
    I did find the 5 rights (currently 6 I believe), but can't find the 3 checks

    Does anyone have a answer ?

    - Also I was wondering if there is anyone who has any tips/trics in how to
    pass the "Health Assesment" practical exam (if that is being examend in
    the US) ?

    Any feed-back would be more then welcome !

    As I recieved my RN training more then 10 years ago in Europe I am not used to the English system and the terminoligy used, hence my questions !

    Thanks for all the help,

    ...back to the books again !...
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  3. by   Daytonite
    hi, matt. . .the three "checks" of medication administration are to verify you have the right drug for the right patient at least three times before actually having the patient take it. the first check is when you actually take the medication from the shelf or the medicine cart. the second check might be when you compare the drug against the medication record or doctor's order. the third time is usually right at the very moment you are giving the drug to the patient and you verify one last time that you have the correct drug, for the correct patient as written on your medication sheet.

    i don't know how familiar you are with the allnurses forums, but there is a thread in the nursing student forums on assessments. there are a number of weblinks there on physical examination that you might want to check out: - health assessment resources, techniques, and forms (in nursing student assistance forum)

    and, i was getting ready to post these to the thread, but i haven't had a chance to check to see if all these sites are still active: - this is a template that lists the elements of the history and ros that should be addressed - this is a very simple explanation of the history collecting process part of the physical examination process - the u.s. navy's shipwreck's go-by physical examination guide used by naval corpsmen. an excellent source for learning how to do a physical assessment - taking a history. a brief discussion about talking with a patient while performing a history and review of systems and how to actively listen. - a 26 page nursing process assessment tool from sinclair community college nursing program in dayton, ohio. these are the directions for using this extensive form - patient care worksheet for one patient for a student in the clinical area - this is a guideline as to how the results of a history, review of systems and physical examination should be written up. - this is the website of a class for advanced physical diagnosis at the university of washington school of medicine. at this site are examination techniques and information on heart sounds and murmurs, liver and ascites, the neck veins, pulmonary and thyroid. - abdominal assessment written by a nurse for nurses - neuro assessment written by a nurse for nurses - a ce article from the december 2005 edition of the american journal of nursing entitled "listening to bowel sounds" - assessment of the peripheral vascular system. includes normals and gradings for edema, pain, emboli, ulcerations, changes in skin turgor and color, etc. - 48 page document on cardiac assessment - an nursing instructor from austin community college's lecture outline on physical assessment. -this is the worksheet the instructor designed as a step-by-step guide to help students do a physical assessment. - part 2 - part 3