1. FYI for all you newbies who haven't landed your RN job yet!
    Staples is offering a "Career Stimulus Package" - but HURRY ends June 13th!

    You get 20 FREE resumes and 40 FREE business cards... They look awesome! As long as you have your resume in a word format you are set to go! And as far as the business cards, I think it's an awesome idea to attach it to your resume - staples has this special PC where you can desig
    n your business card - I picked the medical background ones and they look so awesome!

    Happy Job hunting!
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  3. by   oguesswhat
    But what would you put on the card?
  4. by   sakura_RN
    Quote from oguesswhat
    But what would you put on the card?
    Well I chose a card that had a stethescope desing on it and just put my name, title and contact info, I figured I'll just attach it to my resume.

    However, when I went to officemax (,
    They suggest to put a mini-resume on your card, which I think it's an awesome idea, that way, you can hand it out if you ever meet a potential client and then follow up with a resume later.

    Just some ideas

    p.s - if you use officemax, you can get 250 business cards for $5 (including shipping) if you design them online using the link above.... I'm a sucker for office supplies - can't you tell?????
  5. by   beautsbelle
    I was in Staples the other day, just in to print off a few resume copies, and there the offer was for the free ones! I was delighted. I did the same on the business cards, a stethoscope and my contact info, email, home phone and fax, cell phone, address. I only wish I was able to put 'RN' behind my name. I don't take the NCLEX till the 30th. I've been spreading the word. What a nice thing for them to do!
  6. by   jollydogg_RN
    omg... this is awesome!

    thanks for keeping us informed. This is one of the MANY reasons I love these forums!