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  1. I am posting this here because I need help from some experienced students who have been through the "fun" of writing care plans. What books did you find MOST helpful THROUGHOUT nursing school?? I know these care plans get harder, however, I am trying to save EVERYTHING in my computer so maybe I can utilize it later. So could you please tell me what books I will get the most use out of all throughout school. (I am finishing my first semester) I have spent soooo much money already and people told me that the higher up you get in nursing school, they do not want you to use care plan books. Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks and congratulations on all you hard work.
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  3. by   rpbear
    I actually was told not to use the care plan books after the first semester. After you write a few and get some knowledge you will be able to write them easier without the books. The instructors knew when you used the book and when you didn't by how it was written. And all that garbage about not ever having to write another care plan after nursing school is a bunch of garbage, I write them on each of my patients everyday.
  4. by   newgrad2004
    We were allowed to use right from the book. The book is more detailed than any careplan you might see (check box form type) that they use in the hospitals. I used "nursing care plans" by mosby. It was helpful and always seemed to have all I needed to know.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
  5. by   BSNgrad2004
    some nclex review books have an overview of the medical diagnosis. they also state a nursing diagnosis, interventions, and evaluations, but its relatively brief. (davis's nclex RN success)
  6. by   johnnrachel
    Our school is HUGE on rationales. I know how to write the interventions it is the rationales that is killing me :angryfire We have to cite everything and it takes me hours just to find the rationale in the books. Any advice???