Cancelled again

  1. I just have to start I was cancelled on first day to go solo, after problem...staffing called me at home cancelled me the 1st 4 hrs of my shift, said would call back at 9pm to cancel me for the last 8 if they did not need me...Which they did on time.

    I get to work last night...the floor acts like they didn't know I was suppose to be there...chg nurse calls staffing, they give the same reaction...the census called for the amt of nurses they I wasn't going to be able to stay...but I needed to check back at 9pm to see if I needed to come back. So one of the nurses coming on shift called the mgr. She said mgr told her to keep me as still being an orientee. Then the chg nurse talked with mgr and said mgr told her if the ward clerk showed up to send me home. So now I have 2 nurses saying 2 different things. The chg nurse had wanted to go home from 7-11. I said I didn't have a problem staying, but if they were going to send me home at 11pm anyway...than I would rather go home at 7pm...that way I wouldn't have to wake my husband up by coming in late. So then house supervisor comes down...I tell him the story, he says just to go home now and he was 99% sure I wouldn't have to come back at 11. So I figured I have 2 people telling me to go home... so I did.

    My mgr is over Oncology & Medical, she had changed my schedule Wed...telling me to go to the medical side. So I don't know if she failed to notify staffing that I was changed over to the other side or what...but they knew I was on that side Wed. when they cancelled me

    I guess I should of spoke with the mgr, so I would of known what she really said...but that place is always like a treasure hunt..I was just tired of having to search for everything. I'm sure she'll have something to say to me next week. She has already told me I needed to be at the hospital more...Duh! I'm already working 36-40 hrs a week. I can't help that they are cancelling me.

    So guess I just wondering if others are going through the same sort of crap. I feel like everything I do...I have to look in 5 different places, anything I need to find out...have to ask 5 different people...
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  3. by   ashley_michelle
    Our managers definitely just give us the run around about everything. But, instead of giving us low census... we staff the whole hospital instead. On a regular night, we have at least 2-3 other nurses working on other floors. You're not supposed to be pulled to another floor until you've been on your own for 3 months... but that definitely doesn't happen.
    The thing that's really starting to make me mad is... that we give low census or pull other people.. (from 7-11) and then at 11 people go home and we end up working SHORT because the other floors refuse to give our people back. So, we have the staffing for our floors..but end up working short because our people are getting pulled. frustrating.
  4. by   blueiwahine
    I thought they were going to pull me to another floor...I was prepared to tell them I was not going...since this would of been my second day off orientation
    . So today I've started looking through the paper for a new job. I'm just tired of being in a lost state all the time. If I can find one that is a little better, it will be good for my nerves. I'm even thinking about part time...enought hours to keep me learning, but not too many to keep me stressed out. Wish me luck...for some reason my mgr now doesn't want me to go part-time...she says I need to be in the hospital more to learn...which is true...but I'm not learning much if I'm stressed out.
  5. by   Myxel67
    When I worked as a floor nurse and in CCU, there was a list kept to show who floated and who was cancelled. This way the same person wouldn't be cancelled or floated 2 days in a row.

    What I hated was when they would float me to CCU, and use an Agency nurse to cover my floor (cost my mgr more too). Because they would do this whenever they needed someone tocover CCU.
    No one else had certs to work CCU, so I was stuck and ended up floating more often than others.
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  6. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    So much of this sounds familiar. We too are expected to staff the whole hospital, but never get the same consideration when we're swamped. But we have a union contract that is very clear about canceling people and changing schedules. If they have to change someone's schedule, they have to give at least two weeks' notice of the change, or pay the person double time for the first changed shift. And if I show up for work and they tell me that there isn't any work for me, go home, they have to pay me for 4 hours as if I'd worked them. So usually they'll keep the person for 4 hours on some pretext, because if they're paying them they should get some work out of them, right? Part time and casual employees can cancel themselves right up til an hour before the shift starts for shifts they've picked up, which often leaves us in the lurch, but they feel that this particular door (but not the floating one) should swing both ways.
  7. by   wjf00
    Sorry you are getting cancelled. Never happens where I work. We have a 'no cancellation' clause in our union contract. However, I would rather be cancelled, than float. I hate floating. Seems like that hospital you work at wants their cake and to eat it to. If a hospital wants to cancel you, then you should not be required to float. If on the other hand they require you to float, then they sure as hell should never cancel you.
  8. by   DolphinRN84
    Where I work, if you're a new graduate they won't cancel you unless you've been at the facility for at least 6 months. Same if you float..they have to wait 6 months. I'm sorry you're getting cancelled so much.
  9. by   mom2michael
    I'm suprised that being off your orientation just 1 day they would cancel you. Where I work you also have to be off orientation for over 6 months (usually around 9-10) before they can cancel or float you to another unit. That's a safety factor.

    And usually for the most part the house supervisors won't call off everyone for staffing if we have a new orientee on the floor because they aren't always able to take a full load of patients - it just depends of the situation and our cenus but they are pretty good at weighing all the factors before a call off. And sometimes we have patients on gtts that can't be taken by a new person until they've been signed off, all of that has to be factored in.