California Providence TIP Program April 2018

  1. Hello!

    I haven't seen a thread for those who are applying to Providence TIP program starting in April, so I decided to start one.

    Good luck everyone on the application process.
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  3. by   smers
    Thanks for starting the thread! I also applied and will be following. Good luck, all!
  4. by   Harmony29
    No problem. Which hospitals did you apply to and what department?
  5. by   smers
    I'm pretty desperate for a job right now, so I applied to all of them, lol. I'm willing to do the drive, but I'm closest to St. John's in Santa Monica. I also don't have a BSN, so that puts me lower on the totem pole... Gotta do what I gotta do! My choices are NICU and PICU. How about you?
  6. by   Harmony29
    I applied to St. Jospeh, St. John, Holy Cross, and Mission Hills. I have my BSN, but it's still a bit of a challenge to get into providence I heard. I applied to all Med Surge and Postpartum. I live far also and don't mind commuting to a different location. How long have you graduated?
  7. by   smers
    I graduated in June. I didn't really start looking until end of Sept, right after I passed the NCLEX. I am hoping something comes up soon because I'm pulling my hair out being at home all the time, lol. But I just started an online RN-BSN program, so at least I have something to keep me busy again.
  8. by   Harmony29
    Oh ok. I graduated last year also, but took my NCLEX last month and now I'm just applying everywhere.
  9. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to First Year after Graduation for more response. Look around this forum and you should see other posts/info about the TIP program.

    Good luck.
  10. by   esipbisn
    Ok so heads up to anyone who applied for ICU at ST John's: they are NOT doing the program until further notice (maybe September).
  11. by   Harmony29
    Oh wow. How did you hear about that? Do you have any information on any other floors?
  12. by   esipbisn
    Someone legit from there told me. I have no idea for the other floors though
  13. by   Harmony29
    Aww bummer. I hope other areas aren't shutting down also. I applied on Med-Surge for most of the hospitals.
  14. by   esipbisn
    Which hospital doesn't need med-surg?