California long for the results??

  1. Hi,
    I took the NCLEX yesterday and it is killing me to have to wait to get the results. Does anyone know how long it will be? I ma getting married this Saturday and all I can think of right now is the darn NCLEX
    Help me please I am going insane :roll

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  3. by   Cali
    When I took the NCLEX in California I lived in Japan and it took 3 weeks for my results to get there. Maybe it will take only 2 weeks for you since you live here. It was completely nerve racking having to wait that long.
  4. by   orca1
    Hey Cali
  5. by   fourbirds4me
    I don't know how fast california get the information to the website. Oklahoma has it up within 48 hours. Check.....
    Couldn't hurt.
  6. by   orca1
    Still nothing....thanks
  7. by   sympathoadrenal
    Hi orcal1, I had the same question, so I called California Board of Registered Nursing. They said they don't offer online verification service and you need to wait for the result in mail within 30 days. But then, I've heard some people (in California) found their result within 2~3 days on line or calling. It gets confusing. I am going to find out more about this and post if there is anything useful information.
  8. by   orca1
    You know...I hate to sound whiney....BUT why is that other states get the results to their RN candidates so much faster. This is ridiculous
    Any help would be appreciated; I am getting married this Saturday and not knowing is definitely bringing me down

  9. by   orca1
    Sorry it has takem me so long to get back, but I passed and the wedding went off with out a hitch
  10. by   fourbirds4me
    Congratulations.... on both the NCLEX and the wedding!!!!
  11. by   orca1 was a pretty great weekend
  12. by   yessie11604
    It sucks that california doesn't have the unofficial 48rs results
    but it took me 4 weeks to get mine hang in there and be
    happily married... congrats:spin:
  13. by   Cindy1008RN
    Congratulations on both your new license and your new marriage. Here's wishing you the best of both worlds
  14. by   LV_ORnurse
    I took mine on aug 8 and still waiting for the results. however, a couple of my classmates took their test and passed after finding their name on the website after 2 days-7 days. I think I failed!