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Hi All, Anybody applied or applying to BSWH for the fall 2018 residency? Just wanted to start a thread to facilitate discussion.... Read More

  1. by   Montse
    Ohhh I see. I think the reaction ones are the ones I'm most worried about.
  2. by   Ambrodersen
    I accepted a position for the nurse residency medical ICU at BUMC-Dallas! If anyone else will be in this area let me know so we can get a separate group going!
  3. by   Montse
    I just had an interview there today! Different unit though. Did you just interview today as well? Anyhow, congratulations!
  4. by   Ambrodersen
    I interviewed July 25 and they called me while I was on my way back out to my car after the interview! I was surprised
  5. by   Montse
    Oh congratulations, that's awesome! I hope they call me back soon. I felt that I did really well and declined another offer while waiting for them to respond. I just hope it was the right choice!
  6. by   Ambrodersen
    What unit was it for?
  7. by   AnaRegisteredNurse
    I interviewed July 31 and I am waiting to hear back. I felt the interview went well but there were many others who interviewed that day so its hard to tell which way it will go.
  8. by   Montse
    Yea exactly same here! I interviewed for maainly internal medicine floors that day.
  9. by   AnaRegisteredNurse
    Quote from Montse
    Yea exactly same here! I interviewed for maainly internal medicine floors that day.
    Same. I interviewed in the morning. Did you ask when you might hear back? I forgot to ask since I was nervous.
  10. by   Montse
    Yes however they said 24-48 hrs and that didn't happen. I called on Friday since i received such a specific time frame but the recruiter said maybe sometime next week.
  11. by   AnaRegisteredNurse
    I emailed the recruiter yesterday but have not heard back. Hoping me hear back soon. The wait is killing me slowly. lol
  12. by   Montse
    Omg same here. Idk what to do with myself lol
  13. by   AnaRegisteredNurse
    Tell me about it! I hope we received good news soon!