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    I just got hired as a New Grad RN and I filled out the Background Chexk Authorization today. I don't have any concerns regarding my background it's pretty much clean-my concern is will they contact my present employer. In addition to me applying for New Grad RN positions I was also applying for Admin positions so that I can make some income while I was still searching for my dream job. Now here's my problem, I was hired at my present job just over 2 weeks ago and bam I got the call that I got hired at this hospital yesterday-so I'm worried that they will call my employer now and disclose that I was hired somewhere else and I haven't even given any notice I am leaving. Will they call my employer? And what can I say to quit my job without leaving on bad terms?
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  3. by   caliotter3
    Why don't you ask them? That would be the appropriate time to say that you prefer they not call for the reason you have stated.