ATT via email?

  1. Okay I have a question about the ATT. How do you get it via Email? I know that some say to make sure pearson has your email address, but how do I give it to them? Do you place it on your application to the state? I went to pearson's web site and all I saw was "test registration", but I thought you had to already have your ATT to register. Please help!!!! I really need my ATT fast!-Tara :uhoh21:
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  3. by   BamaGirlRN
    I never registered or went to the pearson vue website and got my ATT via email. I just field in the email space on my registration form that I sent to the NCLEX people and my state BON.
  4. by   Love-A-Nurse
    tara, did your school send all of your information in [applications, official transcript, monies] or are you responsible for doing so?

    as of may 16 of this year, the schools in my state are not responisble for doing so, we the students, are and i applied to my sbon [application and monies for license/sfirst and then made an account [its free] with pearson and paid for the test and after pearson got the "all clear" from my state board, they sent me my att via e-mail and snail mail. only after you receive your att can you call or registered to take the nclex but you do not have to wait for an att to submit your application and pay fees for the nclex or to your state board of nursing.

    i hope this helps.

  5. by   GrkGrl
    I received my ATT by email.....First you need to fill in your email address on your application AND then when you send it in go to Pearson's web site and open an account. IT is free, If I remember correctly there is a blue box on the left hand side of the web page and it is where you are asked to sign in, or register for a test follow the instructions there to set up an account. You will need your school id etc. It is the same form that came in the NCLEX candidate book. After you register Pearson will email you a confirmation about your account and then when you are processed they will email you your ATT. I have aol and it came in a zipped file. Good luck
  6. by   ucandoit
    Thanks you guys! I understand now. My school isn't sending our info in either. Wich really is inconvenient because it could have been done a long time ago! Now I have to go to the school(45 min. drive),pay for the transcriopt, and do it all my self! :angryfire But, the sad thing is they didn't tell us that they were not gonna send it in, we had to call and ask where everything was because nobody heard from the SBN. Then they said "Oh, our bad, you are responsible for that. Didn't anybody tell you that?" I am so glad I am outta there!-Tara