1. I was wondering how long it takes to get your ATT. I am in New York.
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  3. by   Gator,SN
    It took me 5 weeks.(PA) When I called they said that they were backed up several weeks because of all the new graduates applying. Don't worry it will show up and then you can stress over when is the best day to test. They are good for like 60 days or something. Its crazy what we go through.....
    I wish you the very best luck! It will be over before you know it and you'll have your license.

  4. by   maggiechan
    Once the board of nursing approved our applications - about 2-3 weeks after graduation ( can be quicker if the transcripts and all are sent expeditiously), it took Pearson one week to send me my ATT. Make sure Pearson have your e-mail address, and do all your registrations and stuff online as this is by far the quickest way. Also if you don't get as early date as you would like, go ahead and schedule, but keep checking back under reschedule because cancellations come up all the time. I think many people get scared and change their dates. Once I got my ATT I was able to schedule within a week, and then I rescheduled to even earlier. Hope that helps.
  5. by   HillaryC
    I applied in DC. I had to wait for my final transcript, so I didn't submit my application until 5/26. I got my ATT by email 8 days later (just 5 business days because of Memorial Day). I was pretty impressed. There was actually an appointment available the next day, but I waited a week to test (yesterday). Email is definitely the way to go. A classmate that applied in Maryland and didn't give an email address didn't get her ATT for 3 weeks.