Anyone have experience with Perkins loans?

  1. I've read that a Perkins student loan will be 85% forgiven if you work in a "critical need" facility for 3 years after graduation. Do any of you ladies have any experience with this? Does the loan cover tuition only or also living expenses? And the website makes it sound like any facility other than a private practice would qualify as "critical need". Any comments?

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  3. by   nekhismom
    I think most all facilities where nursing care is provided is a critical care facility at the time. I don't have any experience, but I do remember reading that a few months ago.
  4. by   medicrnohio
    Working full time as a nurse would qualify you for up to 100% cancellation of a Perkins Loan. You have to contact your financial aid office for details. When I looked into this, there was a form that had to be filled out by the employer every year. Your loan was put into deferment for one year and if you completed the year of employment then a certain amount of your loan was cancelled. I think it is 25% per year but I'm not absolutely positive.