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New nurse here... started my orientation on a medical floor. (I'm part of a float team so I will be floating to all different floors areas). The first day went alright- my preceptor wasn't bad... I... Read More

  1. by   buytheshoes11
    I'm pretty quiet until I get to know people better - then they get to see the talkative and silly side of me.

    In general, I like to listen more than I talk though...I learn more this way and hear things others don't!
  2. by   yourstrulyjmc
    *Raises hand*
  3. by   jwha
    I've been a pt a few of times, & my fave nurses were always the quiet unassuming ones who just got the job done, then got out of the room to let my have some rest. The loud chatty outgoing ones with tons of questions about who I am, where I'm from, what I do etc exhaust me, cuz being sick, the last thing I wanna do is chit chat. I imagine many pts (of course not all) feel the same way. I myself am a quiet polite nsg student (not a chatty boisterous one), & my preceptor's happy with my pt rapport/bedside manner.

    However, the main problem I have (like you), is connecting with the other nurses on the ward. At the staff room during lunch break I'm quiet as a mouse, cuz I'm very shy & don't like talking to a roomful of people. One of my classmates made a snide comment about that, & my response to her was "well you've just got an opinion on everything, don't you?" - & what I meant by that is that she's constantly gossiping & criticising people, including pts (eg comments on an obese pt: "I just don't get how anyone let themselves get that way, does he have no self-respect?? blah blah blah")