Any thoughts please!?

  1. so basically I have 8 months experience between 2 jobs (peds-which I always stayed sick, and cardiac stepdown-pts sick like an icu, but staffed like medsurg). I get so stressed out working these 12 (and even sometimes 16hr shifts which I think it absolutely ridiculous)... got to where I was having panic attacks and all before work. I left both and have been working in another field for the past 3 months. I want to be a nurse, just don't want to feel that way! I know I probably need to find my niche.. really put myself in a good situation, but looking at where hospitals seem to be hiring it's obviously the most understaffed places making the situations even harder to work through. any thoughts on getting back in. I am in no hurry to get started again, but I'm afraid if I wait a year or something I may never go back! (of course I think I would love a drs office, but there's never any openings here... plus seems like they only hire MAs)

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  3. by   Bug Out
    Thought about a SNF or LTC? Some SNF/LTCs have very high pt loads but once you get to know the pts it becomes easy(ier).

    At my SNF I have 8 pts during evenings and 22 at night. Sounds like a ton of pts but I have memorized 99% of their meds and their charts. Some of the Nurses who have been at my facility for years have the facility 50-55 pts memorized.

    I have seen Nurses do med passes for 25 pts in 45 minutes. The pts are fall less sick and if they do go bad you send them out.

    Maybe just an option.