1. I just graduated in May and started training with a preceptor in the beginning of August at night in a 50 bed ED. I thought I would love working in an ED, but, to be honest, I miss my old job and friends ( I moved away from my home to take this job)...I get the worst anxiety on the days I have to work to the point where I end up spending most my time crying before heading out the door to the job. Is this normal? I feel like I am the only one in my program that is training to work in the ED that is having such a problem with the transition into being a nurse.....I don't want to be a quitter, but I feel like I may have made the wrong decision.............
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    If you are truly unhappy with this, then you should move back home. However, if you are just uncomfortable, then maybe staying is what you should do.

    1. You are a new grad - so I'm gathering your old job wasn't as a nurse? This is a new and big responsibility. With any new job, there will be some anxiety.

    2. Some anxiety makes you sharper while too much anxiety messes up your concentration.

    3. How long is your orientation?

    4. Have you tried to make some new friends?

    5. Is your family and friends supportive?

    6. Finally, it takes a good solid year to decide whether a job is gonna work out or not. It takes at least one year to feel even the least bit comfortable in a large ER due to the variety.

    Take care of yourself.
  4. by   Altra
    You've had a number of life changes in a short period of time - it's to be expected that your stress level is very high.

    I graduated in spring '05 and went straight to a Level I ER. I was blessed with an excellent preceptor with whom I was well matched, an active nurse educator and a structured 4-month orientation program. But it was still not an easy transition, from student nurse with clinicals at a few suburban hospitals to nurse in an urban trauma center. More than once I asked myself, "what have I done, taking this job??"

    It took months to get comfortable with the sicker patients. I'm still finding my comfort level with trauma patients. According to my mentors, this is about the expected pace in the ER: a basic comfort level after 1 year, "fully competent" in 2-3 years.

    You have the added stress of being in a new area, so both home & work might feel a little out of control right now.

    See if you can separate the two for a moment, and think about how you feel about working in the ER? Do you like the variety of patients? Do you basically like the hospital? Are you getting fairly positive feedback from your preceptor(s) and coworkers? If so, you might want to give it more time.

    Sending good thoughts your way ...
  5. by   ashley_michelle
    I'm not sure if I'll be any help.. but, I also graduated in May and I'm working nights on a trauma/stepdown unit. Most of the new grads working with me are in the same boat as you.... we hate it. I was at the same point where I was crying before going to work, and hating every second of it... like the other girls I'm working with. But, I got married and had a good month-a month and half off which was a blessing. So I could gather myself back up. I am with a different preceptor now (which is also very awesome and makes a huge difference.) and it's been a little better this week.

    But, I read somewhere on this board about the 'night time blues' for nightshift people. I think that's part of the problem. They said that the melatonin/serotonin levels get all messed up which contributes to feeling sad. I know this week... after my 3rd 12 I was depressed and sad for NO reason... and crying.. and I really think its just because my body's all messed up. But they recommended taking melatonin 3mg or 5mg... so your levels stay consistent. I picked some up at walmart and I"ll start taking them this week. ..

    So you're definitely not alone. This transition is so stressful. But, hopefully we'll all hang in there. I KNOW i dont want to do floor nursing, but I need experience somehwere. So hopefully I'll make it too. I was thinking I wanted to go to the ED but I think I want to head for a less stressful environment...

    Good luck .. just give it some time.