Anne Arundel New Grad 2012

  1. Has anyone applied to the Nursing Graduate Internship at Anne Arundel Medical Center? If so, how long did it take you to hear back from them? Are there any other surrounding hospitals that are new grad friendly? I've been applying to Johns Hopkins with no luck. Thank you for the advice!
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  3. by   ciku03
    RNurse_S, i applied for the Nursing graduate starting in Feb 2013 yestereday and i received an email today from a recruiter confirming receipt of my application.
    Did you hear anything from them?
    I am really praying i hear from them! I need a job so bad.
  4. by   RN_Private
    Hello! I also applied on the 1st and received an email on the 2nd saying my application was being reviewed by HR. I haven't heard anything else but I see the position is still posted on their website. I'm hoping and praying to hear something, I've applied to dozens of jobs and haven't received one call back. Let me know if you hear anything, I'll do the same! Good luck!
  5. by   ciku03
    RNurse_S: Did you hear back from Anne Arundel? I see the positing for the position is no longer there.
    I still havent had from them. Still praying for the best
  6. by   RN_Private
    I saw the position is finally off the list, I was surprised it stayed on as long as it did! I've heard it's usually off within a week so that could be a good thing or a bad thing. Either they didn't get as many applications as they have in the past, or they're going to be totally swamped with candidates after leaving it on for so long. I called the HR department last week just to ask in general (not about myself specifically) how long it usually takes to start setting up interviews, but was unable to get ahold of anyone. I've heard that for the last internship, they started interviewing 1 month after applications came in. Praying right along with you!
  7. by   RN_Private
    ciku03, I was able to get ahold of someone in the HR department to ask in general (again not about myself specifically) how long it usually takes to start setting up interviews. I was told the November 1 posting generated 150 external and 50 internal applicants and to expect to hear from either a recruiter or electronically by the END of December. So it looks as though we still have quite a wait ahead of us. I was expecting there to be competition, but I have to say I'm surprised at the total, 200 people is quite a hefty amount. I can only pray I made an impression with my application. Good luck to you as well!
  8. by   ciku03
    RNurse_S, thanks for the update. I tried without luck to get hold of someone in Human Resources!
    I guess now its the waiting game and just pray for the best.
    Good luck