Am I ready for NCLEX?

  1. I'm scheduled to take my state boards next Wednesday (Jan 11th) and I just don't feel prepared. I've been using Saunder's Comprehensive review for NCLEX PN and I took the comprehensive test they have in there this morning and a got a 72%. I've been told you should average about 80% when doing questions and tests. I've been doing about 100-150 questions a day...equaling to about 1400-1500 questions total so far. I'm thinking I should change the date but have been told to take is as soon as possible. Am I doing something wrong for preparing or what? Help please!!
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  3. by   CarVsTree
    In my prep course it says you should score 75% or better consistently on practice tests. You should do 5000 questions before taking boards. This is for NCLEX-RN, I assume it is pretty similar for NCLEX-PN.

    If you don't feel ready mentally, change the date. Better to wait a few weeks and feel prepared than jump the gun and feel your not ready. Your feelings of unreadiness will do much to hurt your chances. You must feel confident grasshoppa.

    Hope this helps.