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    my hospital is doing something similar... or did... …although they cut the number of new grads hired this year and last year (both bsn and adns); they hired bsns from other states and paid for their travel, provided bonuses, and made them sign a contract for two years. some, not all, were hired into specialty areas (i say not all because i know most were hired onto medical surgical floors). the bsns of which i speak had a horrid time finding jobs where they lived and agreed to move and accept their contracts. i'd be interested to know if they actually retain the bsn new grads they train who are originally from other areas. i ask this question because i know of none who plan to remain after their two year contract is up. not a single one!

    to add to the irony, in one case i know of an adn new grad who was a tech in the icu before graduation whose offer was rescinded from the icu in order to accommodate two bsns from out of state. neither of those bsns is going to stay, but the adn was born and raised locally and would have probably retired here…. now she too has plans to move… she refuses to work this icu post experience and her bsn degree because she feels hurt by the rescinded offer… i personally do not blame her...

    for example, i was told that my ed was not hiring when i graduated but they hired one new grad from out of state and recently hired a huge group of new grads (both bsns and adns) at a time i could not transfer... bad luck on my part? maybe...? or maybe it is good fortune since i too have decided to leave and happily get through my shifts knowing that i am not going to stay!!! i have career goals and based upon my experience with this hospital my career goals will not be met if i stay (i do not believe in vague promises that basically mean i must wait in the hopes of a transfer… i have been there and done that in other careers and with other facilities... in my experience it can be a complete waste of time... not everyone gets to transfer).

    in sum, all of the new grads who were brought in from out of state and at least two local adns will be leaving after two years of nursing work experience.... this sounds like a bad way to retain nurses... although the hospitals can be picky now in choosing new grads with particular credentials, after two years of work experience (and in some cases… further education) we can be picky too!
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