Agency Nursing as a 'New Grad'

  1. Cliff notes:
    2 years as nurse tech.
    Graduated Dec. '11.
    Worked as RN for 5 months in Psych.

    Tonight I just worked my first agency position. It was the hardest I've ever worked to make money. I'm completely spent, yet I feel I did not provide the care the patients deserved.

    I've worked with a Pyxis and electronic charting during most of my hospital experience and this facility I worked at tonight used med carts and paper MARS.

    "Oh, so that random, unlabeled obscure binder in the corner is where the vitals are...thanks"

    "Which key out of 10 opens the narcotics box?"

    I feel pressured to continue to work with the agency because I have no other source of income and money is getting thin. I've applied to SO many positions and haven't even got an interview. Not sure if I should continue to work agency or not..

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  3. by   WildflowerRN
    A continuously changing work environment is difficult - even for a seasoned nurse.

    Also, remember, your reputation will follow you everywhere. Even in a large, metropolitan city with many hospitals. Nurses talk. And a poor showing as an agency nurse can and does follow you when you're looking for full time work at other facilities.
  4. by   TheCommuter
    Unfortunately, you've got to do whatever you can until you can get whatever you want.

    Agency nursing is NOT ideal for a newer inexperienced nurse, but you've gotta take whatever job you can get to keep the wolves (a.k.a. bill collectors) away from your front door. Personally, I would do almost anything with the exception of murder or prostitution to keep from becoming homeless, even if it means busting my butt for a nursing agency.

    Keep applying for other positions while you work with this agency. Good luck!
  5. by   RNewbie
    That's how agency nursing is. Each time you go to the facility you will learn more and more. Always document well bc I find that agency nurses are the first to be thrown under the bus when things go wrong. Ask questions about anything you are unsure of. Know where the policies and procedures can be found. If you absolutely feel like you are an unsafe nurse then wait until you get more experience before trying agency. Good luck.