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  1. Hey everyone! I could really use some honest advice/suggestions! Here is my "situation." I had an internship this summer on a medical floor. I enjoyed the internship, but I knew it wasn't my niche (in terms of a nursing unit). At the same time, I had heard that it is good to start on a medical floor. So, when I was offered a job on the unit, I thought about it for a couple of days, and then accepted it. Part of the reason I did this was because I was told that the peds units, which is where I REALLY want to work (no idea how that happened, as I never even considered peds in the past, but since my first peds clinical, I knew it was an area I LOVED!), were almost impossible to get as there are rarely openings. Well, I was looking at new jobs with a friend, and I saw that there is a peds opening at this hospital, and it has been posted for over 2 months. It is the general med/surg peds floor, which I think would be great experience and help me decide if this is the area I would like to specialize in in the future (in terms of NP school).
    The problem is that I did accept the job on a different unit of this hospital at the end of the summer. I still don't start my job for 3 months, so it is plenty of notice, but I do not want to ruin my reputation with the hospital. I love the hospital and they treat their employees great! Even so, I have been looking at other hospitals with peds units because I really do want to start in peds (probably should have thought about that before!). Would it be appropriate to call my human resources contact and ask her about the possibility of interviewing on that unit? Or should I stick out the year and try to switch after that? Thanks for any advice!

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  3. by   ukstudent
    First you need to find out if this is even offered as a new grad position. If it is only for experienced nurses then you don't have to make a choice. If it is open to new grads then if that is what you want to do apply. Units get very used to new grads saying yes to offers and then deciding no. If you don't graduate for another 3 months, I am sure that you only have a verbal offer and acceptance and nothing is in writing yet. Even written contracts can be changed. Being a new nurse is too stressful not to be in the area of nursing that you want to be in.
  4. by   NotReady4PrimeTime
    I agree. Because you're not actually working for them yet, they would probably have no problem with moving you from one unit to another. A vacancy is a vacancy, and one that has been there for several months is going to be their first choice to fill anyway. But you do need to be sure the peds unit will hire new grads. check that out first. A call to the unit and a chat with the manager would clear it up for you. Just tell them your situation... in school, graduating in January, want to work peds, what would they want you to do so that you can make it happen... don't say anything about the other position because that's not important at this point. If they do take on new grads, then you could contact your HR person and explain your change of heart. You'll have the advantage of knowing already that there's no reason they shouldn't interview you and that the manager has already heard your name. Good luck!