Advice! Graduated 2 years ago, now looking for job.

  1. Hey everyone,
    I think this would be more realated to this forum compared to the general forum I just posted on. Well I graduated June 2004 and just recently passed the Nclex this past July 2006 (Yes two years after I graduated). I happen to fail the NCLEX the first time around and while preparing for my second time around, I came down with a lot of personal/family problems and put the NCLEX off until last month. I haven't worked within the past two years and I was wondering what are my chances in getting a job?
    The most recent activity on my resume is dated 2004 (clinicals and nurse interning). Friends have questioned my ability on the clinical aspect of nursing (if I still have my skills) starting IV's, insterting foley's, shots etc. I think I do, but it has been awhile.
    Does anyone have any advice that they can give me? Is there courses to "freshen up" your skills? or recommend just applying to hospitals and get reoriented there? I know if I get a interview they would ask would have I been doing the past two years..I question I dread. I thinking on what to say and even lying??? Well as you can tell I'm pretty discouraged but I really would love to start this awesome profession. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks
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  3. by   EricJRN
    One idea might be to check on nursing refresher courses. Your state board of nursing is likely to have info on many of them. By completing one, you'll show potential employers that you're serious about updating your skills and knowledge. Good luck!
  4. by   niccikatie
    I just started my career as an RN last month. I graduated in May of 2004 and passed my boards in August of 2004. Then, I stayed home with my daughter until the middle of July. Honestly, it was kinda rough trying to find a job. I ended up with a job in a clinic. I LOVE it. I NEVER not even once when I was in school thought about clinic nursing. In fact, I would have told you that it was 'less' than hospital nursing. Truly, it's not 'less' it's different. I've totally found my niche and couldn't be happier. My job works for me and my family.

    My point? Look around. Apply for EVERYTHING. Someone will take a chance on you. Take a refresher course if you can, that will make you much more attractive. Don't lie about your job history. That's never a good foot to start on. Someone WILL take a chance on you eventually. It just takes a TON more applications! Good Luck!
  5. by   Camouflage
    Thank Eric, I browsed some refresher courses and they can cost more than $1,000. If I could, I rather not but if I can't find a job I guess I would have to . Thanks nicci, good to know someone is similiar to my situation...I have some questions for you, I'll probably contact you privately. Thanks again everyone
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