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Having just graduated from nursing school in August, I knew I wanted to work in Med/Surg so that I could get some great experience and help get my foot in the door. I got hired at a great... Read More

  1. by   Piki

    I will be in the nursing program next fall and have several questions. I'll start with just one. OK, if you work 3 12 hour shifts, is it true you can get an extra $200 plus time and a half for an additional 12 hour shift? Thanks!
    I think it totally depends on the facility. I know for a fact this is not true for my friends that work 3 12's. They get paid the same as the rest of the staff. Overtime for anything over 40 hours. Our facility does not pay any bonus $ for coming in for an extra shift.
  2. by   AF nurse2b guy

    So in the nursing world, is it hard to get OT or is that pretty much the norm? Also, I'll be in the STL area. Anyone know the pay for a new grad From what i understand it looks like $18.50 hr.
  3. by   KckStrt
    hey there, interesting thread. i am working on a med/surg floor. graduated in may and have been on my own a couple of months. i am quitting friday to move to atl, and wouldn't you know it, one of my patients coded yesterday. i am leaving because my wife landed an outstanding opportunity in atl not because i am ready to leave. i am sad i won't finish out my "first" year of nursing in this facility but i know my experience here will carry me forever.
    i am not all that excited about med/surg nursing but it has been invaluable to the future of my nursing career. i have been exposed to so many different situations and diseases. i have learned so much in the 5 months i have been there. my orientation was 12 weeks, but it was tough. i wasn't allowed to sit around and chit chat unless all my work was done, and well all know that a nurse is never done, i worked both days and nights, i had every resource known to medicine at my disposal and was expected to use them. my preceptor wasn't hard nosed, but i felt he pushed me to experience and participate as much as possible. i went through a fellowship program as well, mostly discussing disease process and becoming familiar with a particular iv pumps.

    Quote from af nurse2b guy
    so in the nursing world, is it hard to get ot or is that pretty much the norm? also, i'll be in the stl area. anyone know the pay for a new grad from what i understand it looks like $18.50 hr.
    i'm in st. louis at barne's, the new grads are getting a raise nov1 to $19 and hour. you can work some, not alot of ot, the budget is always getting in the way. we have bonus money on my floor up too $100 per shift. we don't work too many consecutive 12's so that is nice.
  4. by   AF nurse2b guy
    Hey thanks KCKSTRT! So it sounds like you like Barens?! That is the hospital I really want to work at. We live right out of STL on the IL side. Thats good to hear RN's will be getting a raise. So is it typical to be able to get 4 12's in a week there as a new grad? Just looking to see what kind of pay to expect. Hey, good luck in ATL. Im sure you'll do great.