first two days of my CNA class and....

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ILOVE IT! :yeah:

sure, we're still *brand-new* and everything seems so shiny but i'm actually surprising myself with how much i'm enjoying the lectures, reading, etc. so far, we've learned to wash our hands, put on PPE and use a restraint vest. the restraint vest is kinda amusing because in ohio they do not use restraints in LTC..but the state test still includes the skill. :rolleyes:

quick question-does anyone have scrubs from the dickies W line? i ordered a set and i'm curious if the sizing is pretty accurate or not. i tried some white swan scrubs on and yuck, i looked like a beached whale :lol2: i guess it could be the required khaki color.ewww.


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:w00t:I am so glad to hear you are loving your class! Mine begins on Monday and im already panicking and wondering if I can really do this. I know I need to buck up and just go for it...but im such a

idk about the dickies scrubs, i ordered my scrubs online and they are HUGE on me, so i would be no keep me posted on how its going, you make me think i shouldnt be so nervous, and more like hurry up I wanna do it!


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I have some dickies scrubs. I like the pants, the ones with flared bottoms, they fit really well and don't look funny. I don't really wear the tops though because I'm really skinny, and they are baggy on me.

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