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FIRST TIME TAKER OF NCLEX-PN; ready or not ready?


So I just registered a few hours ago and I will probably get my ATT soon. And since it's my first time, I understand that I HAVE TO TAKE IT WITHIN 30 DAYS. WELL CRAP!!! I DON'T THINK I'M READY!!! I'M LIKE 50% READY.

I was going to take it this month actually but I had so much going on lately I haven't been studying consistently. But I really really regret it. I also then thought well maybe I should take it next year. But I heard that they will probably add some new things by then. So for now I'm waiting for my ATT. But I'm already certain I am going ...well have to...take in within or in 30 days!!!

My question is...do you think that that is enough time? I mean I've been studying but very very inconsistently. I try to do at least 100 questions a day and read the rationales after...and even take some notes here and there.

Do you guys think if I just continue to do 100-150 questions everyday until my test date I will be fine? Crap...I feel like I should've not registered yet... argh. Is it possible?!?!

I need some advice people!!!:sniff:

So I just registered for lifesavers nursing review...attending this friday until sunday. 8AM to 3PM. I just really need it. I don't mind paying. I hope it helps me. I read a few good reviews on it also from one of the threads. any insights on this also???