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Hello to all!

I am Nicole and just signed up to take a pre-req. course to lead into an RN program. I know I am VERY new to all of this and have several years of work to go but any information along the way would be wonderful.

Any people out there that are just starting out like me? Also I am almost 31 and just going back to school. I am very nervous since I haven't been schooled in almost 9 years.




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Welcome, Nicole. :)



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you can do this!!!!!

i know exactly how you feel, i started back to school at 31, and to be honest i was terrified. yes, it has been very difficult to juggle 3 kids, a husband and all that homework!! on the bright side, last month i passed my lpn boards and i am will graduate as an rn in may!! it has been a long and difficult road, but don't be afraid 'cause if i can do it, anyone can!!!! best of luck to you !!!never give up!!!!

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Welcome Nicole


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Welcome Nicole! What classes are you taking? Take care of yourself and keep visiting the boards because they are awesome inspiration.


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welcome, nicole! :)

i am an older non-traditional student, myself. this is a great place for information and support!

again, welcome!


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:D Hi Nicole! I'm Kristy and I am 30 and just started school (pre-nursing) A&P, Nursing Perspectives, etc... I know you can do it! My kids are in school all day and it is time for me to do something with my life (outside the home:D) I am so EXCITED! Keep reading the positive posts to keep your spirits up and ask lots of questions if you are unsure of anything! I still believe nursing is a noble profession no matter what the negative aspects of it may be. It is all in the kind of attitude you choose to reflect and the outlook you have to get over the bad humps and move on! GOOD LUCK and WELCOME!


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Thanks for all the welcomes. I go Nov. 28th to the school to hear and learn more about their nursing program. I have read everything I can from their web site. I will be going to a community college very close to home.

For the pre courses I will have to take night classes until I am done with them. I am TASP exempt but might still need a few "help" classes to get me back into the swing of things. I am guessing it will take a years time to start the actual nursing program. I don't know which one I will start with first (pre classes that is).

I know this is going to be a lot of work, my kids are 21 months and then 4 years old.

Thanks and yes I am going to keep reading the positives until I am at a point where the negative can work in my favor!

Thanks again,

Nicole :rolleyes:


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Welcome to the board. I, too, am an older, non traditional student, beginning my classes in january 2002 toward my RN. I have children at home and am nervous about how everything will go. I also believe that since we've already taken the frist step, the rest will fall into line...keep studying...stay positive...visit these boards when you need to remind yourself why you're up so late at night studying. Remember, we're doing this not only for ourselves, but for our families, too!

Good luck!! Welcome!

Christine :D


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A lot of us are nontraditional students, some of us older with little kids, some of us older with empty nests, some of us older with NO kids.

Then there are the young ones like yourself..... :)

Whatever you decide to do, hang here, and sooner or later someone will have an answer to any question you might ponder.

Feel free to call on us at any time for anything, from happiness to sorrow, Good news to bad. Nothing is "forbidden" here.

Take care, and get ready for the ride of your life.


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