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First Term 3 As & 10lbs!


I have just completed my first term of nursing school and more successfully than I expected when I started back in August. I need some advise about incorporating school and a healthy lifestyle. I work nights (36 hrs/wk) as a CNA, plus nursing school, and studying. That is about it. I didn't change the way I ate during my first term, but I gained 10lbs! I am always on the go. In fact, it is more like burning the candle at both ends. I wasn't looking to drop weight, but I wasn't expecting to gain anything. Help!

Pack healthy snacks and lunches for clinical and class. Try hitting the gym with your notes. An hour on the treadmill + your notes = 1 hour worth of calories burned and 1 hour of studying all in one shot.

Congrats on your As :up: