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First Semester, No Life

rtannehi rtannehi (New) New

I have begun my first semester of nursing school, and I knew to expect a lot, but not this much. I feel as if I won't have a life until I finish school. There is so much to remember, but it never feels like enough time. I have no other time except to go to work and go to school. Although I feel like this right now, I know in the end it will pay off. I am beyond excited to be apart of this amazing experience and I cannot wait to see what comes next.


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Yep...Many people disappear from the face of the earth once they are in nursing school. Dig in and ride it out all the way to the end. You will find a balance between school and social life. Make sure to enjoy the downtime between semesters.

rubato, ASN, RN

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I can say that after 1.5 semesters, I have managed to maintain a lot of my life. But, I did give up some things. I kept: my family, exercise, cooking, grocery shopping and the dog. I have temporarily put on hold: friends, reading books for fun and a clean house.

My friends know that I'll see them again in a year or so. My house will be dirty whether I clean it today or next week. No biggie.

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Welcome to nursing school, I had no life when I did LPN school and when I went back right after graduating to do LPN to RN. Luckily my husband was in school as well for most of it until he graduated and I would be jealous that he would watch an insane amount of T.V. while I had to study. And I love reading for leisure and I felt if I had enough time to read for leisure, then I wasnt studying enough.My friends and family where pretty understanding because they knew how much I wanted to be a nurse and I flat out told them all, "look You might not see me for a while and I will try to make it to the most important events and if I dont, Ill catch you next time." It all worked out none of my friends ditched me. My close friends and I would set a date to do lunch and catch up every few months. Now that I passed NCLEX-RN 2 weeks ago... I just dont know what to do with my self because I have so much free time. But it was well worth it in the end to sacrafice my social life for the last 6years. It took me that long to get my LPN, then RN pre-reqs, and then complete LPN-RN program with no break in between. I dont even want to think about going back for BSN. That could take me another 2 years at my rate! lol. Its going to be a wild ride so sit back, hang tight, and get ready for the ride of your life!!

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Actually, conversely to most of the previous posters; Welcome to Time Management 101! Nursing school is hard, no doubt, but once you get to were you can effectively manage your time in homework, reading, studying for tests, and care plans/clinical things, fridays and saturdays will be REAL breaks, where you can go out for a few hours. At least for me that's how it is... I admit I was overwhelmed at first and had no time, but once I started setting times for myself, things were smooth sailin'! :)


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