First semester grades. Need some insight.


My second semester has already started and i'm kind of worried about my grades in the first semester. I had chem 1, english 1a, and intro to bio. I got a B in english and bio but i got a C!!!! in chem, how big of a deal is this for me in terms of getting into nursing school?

This semester i have organic/biochemistry, nutrition, sociology, and speech. I'm totally focused from now on and got a big wake up call from my first semester.

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It's not going to look good-especially because it isn't just a fluff course (as opposed to, say, Women in Contemporary Media, or some such humanities course).

Really though, it depends on a few competative are the schools to which you're applying? What does this bring your official GPA to? How did you do in high school (esp. if you took chem)? What are your other strong points?

In many nursing schools, C is a failing grade. You need to keep that in mind. For example, I went to a school where a 78 was the minimum-which meant that nothing below a C+ would be accepted.

I'm not trying to be mean, or discourage you. But based on the questions in my 2nd paragraph, you may need to consider retaking the course and/or applying to a not-you-1st-choice school. Or not.

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