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In general, how long does it usually take to land an RN job as a new bachelor's degree graduate RN? I know that finding a job is very competitive within the city (Phila., PA) but is it safe to say that I would at least find something within 6 months of obtaining my BSN? What can I do to increase my chances on finding a job?

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Took me 8 months to start my position; it was about 6 months actively looking-I started prior to taking the NCLEX, then the interview process took about two months, then the pre employment process took another two months.

At the most recent job I accepted, it took two weeks, still in the pre employment process.

It gets easier once you get a job. :yes:

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You might want to wander on over to the First Year of Nursing Practice forum (go to Nurses in the yellow bar at the top of the page, then scroll down until you find it). You are more apt to find the assistance and info you seek there.