first RN interview and still a student... help!


Ok, this is my first post so here goes. I am an LPN with 3 years experience and am 2 1/2 months away from graduation with my RN. I applied for some residency positions last night and got a call this morning. Now Im scheduled to be interviewed this Thursday. Any tips on interviews, questions, things you were asked etc?


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they are going to love you, just relax and you will do fine. LPN's have always struck me as such knowlegable people, and always helpful, willing to share, show them some of that


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Thanks, I spoke with my instructor too. I think my biggest fear is that they will ask me a case scenario type question that I will not have the answer for!


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I just had my first interview this past Monday. I hadn't even taken the NCLEX yet. I just took it today (don't Anyway, she only asked me a couple of questions that required nursing knowledge. They are mostly happy to have someone apply these days I think. It's the first interview that I've ever been to in my life where I felt like they were trying to impress ME! Before I left, I was offered the job and I accepted (cardiac step-down unit). It was exactly what I was looking for. So, don't worry. Especially as an LPN, you are ready for that job :)


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interview questions - your strengths and weaknesses,

remember your first patient,

how would your co-workers/employer describe you,

give an example

how do you feel about getting a degree

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