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First "75"-100 questions are very crucial. This is how I did it!


I took my Nclex exam on February 19. I vowed to myself that I will make sure that I get the first 75 questions right!

Did I get them all right? Nope... I doubt it. The Nclex isn't graded by point system. As we all know it's graded by percentage or by the weight of each question, that is to say, the higher level of questions you get right... the higher points you will get. But I remember telling one important point to my classmate and that is, I will make sure that I will do my very best with the first 75 questions. First 2 questions were easy... the 3rd was one really ughhh:spbox::thnkg:

I ended with 75 questions and was averaging 2.2 minutes per question (based on my calculator)... it took me at least 2 hours and 45 minutes to answer each question. I really took my time. Obviously, some people are able to do it in 45 minutes. :bow:

As I said to my original post, the questions were out of this world and it was very difficult to tell if I am getting each of them right. I can say that I only know very few questions, maybe less than 5 questions that I was 100% right. But the rest were seriously hard. And it dawned on me, after finishing 75 questions, it is supposed to be that way. I was getting higher level of question and honestly not every single one of 'em made sense. These are questions that I have never seen before from Incredibly made easy nor saunders, or lippincot books. But they are doable. Again, you just really really need to focus on the question and the answer, meaning, READ it carefully and ask yourself “why would I pick this answer and why wouldn’t I pick the other answer?

It's not like Saunders were you would simply pick an answer and you know you are 100% right. For me, Nclex wasn't anywhere close to Saunders or Incredibly Made easy. However, these materials will train your "brain"... what I mean by that is, it will somehow stimulate your mind. Just like when you’re exercising, you are building your stamina the more and the longer you do it. So be prepared to answer 265 questions but keep in mind that the first 75 questions will be crucial. ß(this is my opinion) Just think of it as you're preparing to get 75% out of 100 questions which if you were in school is equivalent to a letter grade of C. It's a low grade but at least you passed. But of course aim for an A.

I find Kaplan Qbanks and Qtrainers questions helpful. Kaplan is just as close as to an actual Nclex exam. (again, this is just my opinion). A lot of people here are recommending Saunders. I mainly used Incredibly made easy but I used Saunders CD to answer questions. But in my opinion... when I was answering the questions from incredibly made easy and reading the rationales, I felt as if I was reading the book and yet at the same time, I was testing my self.

So how did I tackle every single question?

I read each question carefully, eliminated 2 questions that "didn't make sense at all" and focused on the 2 bestest answers. Next thing I did, I would read the question again, find the stem of the question, and would look back at my remaining 2 bestest. Then, I'd asked myself, which of these 2 answers would fit right into my question. It was as if it’s a puzzle and you were trying to put them together. That's all I did, I picked the answers that made sense and that pertained to the stem of the question. (again, this is just my opinion)

As I said, I had 11 medications, several SATAs, no math and I don't recall having OB questions at all although there were developmental questions. This doesn't mean you shouldn't be studying these topics. Since the exam that I had was all over and there's no way in hell that I can say that you should just focus on certain topics. I would suggest do your readings, answer questions and review your rationales and do it daily. I took my exam at 0730. (was scheduled at 8 but they let me take it early). So when I was studying, I would start answering questions at 0800 and imagined answering Kaplan questions as if I was already taking the actual nclex exam.

So much about my story....and I think I’ve said quite a mouthful!!!

The link on the bottom is the message that posted the day I learned that I passed. And those were my random thoughts….but it will tell you more on how I prepared and budgeted my time.


I wish you all the best!

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I have heard that if you take too much time on questions, it counts against you. is this not correct?

It doesnt count against you cuz all of the questions are weighed teh same. Someone took 4 hours on 75 questions and still passed. I concur with her advice. I've taken it 3 times and each time i panicked and tried to rush. QUALITY over quantity.

BTW, thanks for sharing your methods.

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