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We are all a bit nervous about OB clinical I think. Most of us have never even see the OB unit at this hospital. We aren't sure exactly what we will be doing or's very different from med/surg where you had a night to prepare for your specific patient's needs! We are going to be in an inner city hospital that has a lot of patients with poor/no prenatal care, drug abuse, etc. It should be interesting!


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panda, i just passed my ob lecture/clinical.

although this is not an area i would like to work, i did enjoy my rotations in antepartaum[prenatal], intrapartum [labor/delivery/nursey], and postpartum.

i like more and more information and have the desire to see and do more and i would ask if i could go and see those procedures, etc. that were being done.

the buck of your clinical experience on pp will be teaching as there are few meds to be given. stool softner, fesol, an analgesic. you will be looking for the bonding/attachment with mom/baby and other family members. breastfeeding/bottle feeding, birth control, peri care, checking their fundus, signs to report, etc. so much teaching is needed with first time moms and women who have had more than one baby.

i had patients who spoke spanish but their significant other spoke english and helped in this area.

there will be a head-to-toe assessment plus, checking for involution {fundus firmness, lochia, descent of uterus].

homan's sign, checking the breats, and episiotomy, surgical incision, etc. the first 24 hours expect to see a low grade temp wtih the mom because of hemodynamics and also increase urine output.

in the nursey, i had the opportunity to do v/s, cord care, and transporting baby to mom, and a couple of d/c.

l/d, i prepare a woman for c-section and stayed with her until the delivery of her baby.

my prenatal experience was at a high school and is also where i did my presentation.

there is so much more. oh, the meds you can start on now would be, methergine and pitocin, mag sulfate and there will be some analgesic too, i am sure you already know this.

i hope you enjoy as much as i did.


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by the way, it took me for ever to wrap the baby snuggly in his/her blanket.

fianlly, the patients i had were without difficult labor/deliver for the most part. you will learn about the complications that may arise.

Specializes in Med-Surg. was Boring. There were 2 laboring patients on the term, one 27 weeker (they had her on MgSO4 trying to control it, but it wasn't going well at all). One on the monitor but not doing anything. Our day was messed up because of some things going on within the school anyway. Hopefully tomorrow there will be more patients so we can actually have a patient assigned to us.


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It sounds sooo interesting. Let us know how the first delivery goes, and what you got to do. Heather

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