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Hi everyone!

I'm starting my first (acute care) NP rotation this upcoming semester, and am a bit... um, petrified? Apprehensive? haha. I'm an RN, been working just about 2 years. Currently in stroke/tele, but paid my dues with a year of med/surg/tele too.

So I've been placed in neurosurgery. EEP. (Cue the #imnoderekshepherd memes...). My question is: how best to prepare? I am obviously most familiar with the hospitalist role since that's who I have most contact and experience with. I haven't spent a lot of time in true critical care (step-down at most). I'm trying to figure out what to expect.

So what would you do? I do plan on reaching out to my preceptor to ask. But, aside from that: study? Focus on neuro? Is it worth trying to float/shadow closer to critical care/perioperative care before then? Anything you wish you had known before you started your first provider-level clinical?


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I completed my first clinical rotation last semester in ICU. I would recommend getting very familiar with lab values, understanding acid base interpretation and practicing good assessment techniques. Also, practice writing SOAP notes or progress notes. Keep a notepad handy and write yourself some notes to take with you as reference. Read up on the most common disease processes of that specialty and watch some video lectures on YouTube so you become very familiar with them. Good luck!

Very strange a first rotation would be in neurosurgery. Was that the only place they could place you? A hospitalist or ICU role makes a lot more sense.

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