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First job:Veterans Affairs VA Primary Care Clinic LPN (terrified!) Portland, Oregon


Hello Nursing World!

Yay to my first post! Ok so i'll get to the point. I graduated from my LPN program January 2014 (6 months ago) and am getting ready to start my first job as an LPN at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Primary Care Clinic up by OHSU in Portland. I. am. terrified. :nailbiting: I am hoping this is a normal feeling for everyones first nursing job!

I came here in hopes that some experienced nurses that have worked in the VA, or any clinic setting, could give me the run down on the day to day working environment, what skills I should brush up on, or any other helpful tips that can ease my mind.

Thank you so much and I look forward to connecting with some of you!

Cheers :)


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Very nice! Usually there is a waitlist to get a job at the VA and that applies to experienced nurses too.

I did clinicals at the VA and really enjoyed it...it's been so long though that I can't really describe much of it.


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See my other post about my experience working in a CBOC.


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I was wondering how long it took you to get a start date. I had a interview in July at my local va clinic they said I got the job. I had to do my application with vetpro on Aug. 4. I haven't heard anything yet and heard it takes a long time. I have been a LPN for 13 years this will be my first office setting job. I am very excited to start. I guess its doing things like height, weight, B/P, scheduling annual appoints flu shots , b12 injection, asking patients if have any medication changes any current new health issues