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Hello Everyone!

I just recently passed my RN boards and now after applying for at least 70 positions I landed my first interview! It is on a multi-specialty med surg floor. From what the recruiter told me the patient population consists of ortho, urology, and neuro.

Since this is my first interview I'm very nervous and have no idea what to expect. I will be interviewing with the clinical manager for the unit. What can I expect? What kinds of questions is she likely to ask? How should I prepare? What are good questions to ask her?

I want to go in there prepared and stand out. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks

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I just had my first interview as a new RN this week. Overall, I think it went OK, but like other comments here, I'm not going to get too bent worrying right now. I did enough of that waiting for the NCLEX results. The floor manager tried to get me to relax (mostly successful). I'd gone through one of those canned surveys ("I work well in groups...Strongly Agree/Strongly Disagree" types of questions), and the manager said she wanted to ask some questions of her own. One was a typical interview question, "Where do you see yourself in five years?" Seeing as how I turn 57 later this month, that's a relevant question. Another question: "Give me an example of how you went above and beyond what was expected of you on your current job?" I actually had a couple really good answers for that. Unfortunately, I was brain-dead at that particular moment and gave an OK answer, but nowhere as good as the other two. [sigh]. Google 'job interview questions'. I saw a few of my interview questions in there. j

Wow RiniBeenie151! Congratulations. good for you! I recently passed the nursing boards too but i've been so apprehensive of where to go from here, thinking of what next step should be taken. Hope you get the slot you want..are you applying for volunteer or a staff nurse position with pay?

Well about your interview, do believe in yourself. They mostly like to determine how flexible and trainable you are. They like to know your attitude towards work. One tricky interview question shared to me by my sister was this.. "why should i not hire you?"

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