First Fundamentals test tomorrow!

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Is it weird that I'm excited to take it? Not so much excited, but more ready to get it over with. I feel like we've been hyped up so much about it over the last two weeks, that I'm ready to have it out of the way!!!

I've recorded all of the lectures, reviewed my notes daily, made flash cards, reviewed practice tests on the internet, looked through my Saunders 4th addition Q&A book.

Today, I'm reviewing my ATI fundamentals book, looking over my notes, relistening to lectures, and looking over the specific boxes in the text pointed out in lectures.

I figure if I'm not prepared by now, I'm never going to be prepared. 74 is our cut off on the test, the teachers expect us to do lower than that, which they've told us that, since it's the first test and we aren't used to how the questions aren't written.

Anyone else testing this week?

I just took my fundamentals test on Monday. Our grades were posted this morning and I got a B. Not exactly what I wanted, but hey I will take it for the first test. 2nd and 3rd semesters students said that a lot of people fail the first test. It is difficult getting used to the style of testing, but we will get used to it fast. :) Good luck on your test!!

Mine is next Thursday on the 9th and I am more than ready. I've been reviewing with "Test Success", "Fundamentals Success", the NCLEX questions at the end of our chapters, and the study guide to our text. I'm going to try the NCLEX 4000 next week and see how I like that.

But I'm really excited. The material that we're going to be tested on doesnt seem too difficult, but I dont want to jinx myself before the exam so Im just gonna shut up now:p

I took my first test yesterday and i got a 94! :yeah:It was not as bad as i thought.

I am taking my first test next Thursday, and I feel the same way-at least once we've taken the first test we'll have a better feel for what to expect. Good luck!

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