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First full week done!!!


Hey fellow nursing students!!! I just finished my first full week of nursing school and WOW. I wasn't expecting so much info to be thrown at me so quick! I already have 3 exams next week. My professors pretty good. They provide us with all the help and resources they can. My fundamentals instructor seems like it is her first year teaching... our lecture was somewhat awkward and very confusing. She didn't seem to do much besides read her lecture slides and parts of the book. Half the time the class couldn't tell where she was or what she was talking about. Some classmates had some pretty rude things to say about her. I'm not too worried, I read my chapters before class and if I have a question I'm sure she can answer it.

After hearing some horror stories, I am so happy to say that my clinical intructor is absolutely WONDERFUL! I am the only one in my clinical group that hasn't worked in any type of healthcare setting so she makes sure to explain even the smallest, simplest things to me. After working with my clinical group I can already tell that I need to work on sounding more confident when speaking to patients. She told us all that there is no way we will fail clinical and she will work with us and keep practicing until we have it down. I can tell she really wants us all to succeed.

As far as school goes, you get what you put in. I am ready to study very hard and do well in all my classes! I'm really excited :) How was everyone else's first week?! Any study or note taking tips you guys want to share with me would be awesome!

I just finished out my second week tonight.

My first week was just awful. I let the first night overwhelm me, but knowing that my other classmates were feeling the same things was reassuring. It was mostly the culture shock of going back to school as I've been out of school for over 10 years. My classes are at night. I recently just quit a full time job where I was up at 5 and in bed by 9 (now going to bed around midnight and up early). Also, my daughter was in daycare and made the transition to stay at home mom at the same time - my daughter just starting to toddle too!

The second week went much better. My classmates and I are starting to get into our groove. We're getting to know each other (I feel like I've known them longer than 2 weeks at this point) - making friends. We're pulling ourselves together and getting through this with a positive attitude.

I think a positive attitude and good study habits are the way to go. Go to class prepared, reading ahead. Don't be scared to ask questions or for clarification whether it's something you're learning or class specifics/procedures. Lean on your classmates. It'll be give and take. They'll help you out and you help them out in return. I already see this going on in my class. I'm really relieved to see us taking each other in and offering ourselves as resources as well. We ask each other questions and we don't hold back knowledge. I feel good about us.

Just survived my first week too! I was so nervous going into the week but it went much better than I expected. I really like my classmates and I got a great clinical instructor! My anxiety about nursing school has definitely gone way down. I know things will start to get tough, but it seems like we have a great group who wants to help each other.

congrats to everyone else who just started! I hope everyone has a great semester!!

Congrats! I remember my first week of nursing school. It seems like yesterday, even though I have already started to work. You are very lucky to have a great clinical instructor. I had good ones and not so good ones (and one horrible one that set a great example of how I don't want to be an a RN). Just take it day by day, try not to get overwhelmed and congrats on the journey that you've just started!


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Sounds like you're off to a great start! Your attitude of doing what you need to do to succeed even if your teachers aren't the best will serve you well throughout nursing school! Best wishes for continued success! :up:

Thank you all, and we are all going to do great!!

augurey I really admire your courage of going back to school after 10 years and jumping right into a nursing program. And with a daughter to take care of on top of it! I agree with you 100%. Having a positive attitude and working well with classmates will take us very far on this journey. I've always been one to work alone and not really socialize with classmates, but I know this is going to change in nursing school! Best of luck to you :x3: