First drug screen under investigation positive


I've been ordered by the board to be monitored for drugs and alcohol for 2 years. My first "random" test was a blood test. The last time I drank before the test was 10 days prior! It was not the finger prick peth test. It was option 12 from first lab and was $90. How far back does a serum blood test for alcohol go back? I thought it was 3-5 days.


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Blood PEth can be a finger prick or blood vial. Up to 3 weeks etoh can be tested.

Did not know that. Found out today that my license will be suspended. Upon application for reinstatement I will have to have an inpatient evaluation done at the cost of $3000. I asked how can they take my means of supporting myself away and expect me to make an extra $3000? That's like taking away someone's drivers license and tell them they have to still be somewhere 50 miles away everyday.

Anyway I am feeling pretty lost. I don't know what to do for work. I'm 37 year old single mother of 3 small children. Most office jobs pay $10-12 an hour and that would not even cover my bills much less anything extra to save for an evaluation.


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What state are you in and what is your story?

Did you know that you couldn't drink etoh? Did they say it was for alcohol/ PEth?


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How long after signing your contract were u tested? I'm waiting to be evaluated, go in a few days then I'll have to wait on contract which will happen probably next day? Idk! and I drank alcohol a week ago. Now I'm scared that'll happen to me.