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Today was my first day in pysch. They have adults and adolescents. It is a 67 bed hospital. They deal with some chemical dependancy, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia and personality disorder.

I worked the adult side with another LPN today. All went well. The patients all remained calm and were easy to interact with. I did manage to go to the adolescent side a few times during the day. Adolescents seem to make me a "little" nervous. Maybe it is because I feel that they are at such a fragile time in their lifes that I would not want to do or say anything that would make things worse.

But anyways it was very busy with a total of 35 patients between the two units. All the nurses were "fantastic". I felt at ease and really enjoyed my day.

will keep everyone posted. Have a great night!!!!

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Most wonderful news!

Glad you had a great first day.



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ND mom, how has it been going since??

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ND mom, how has it been going since??

Hi cherilee,

It has been going well. I was on the adolescent side on wed. It went well but there were a couple of incidents that made me a little nervous. I am sure as time goes by it should get better for me.

The other nurses that I have been working with are "awesome". I really admire thier knowledge and thier ability to manage crisis situations. I hope to be like them someday.

I will keep everyone updated. My next day to work is this coming monday.

I love the 12hr shifts.


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Congratulations! You are right as time goes by it will get better and you will become more comfortable. Keep us updated on how everything is going.

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Well I am on my 3 days off before returning to work on saturday. I have been working on the adolescent side. It has been very interesting to say the least. The patients know my name and do some interacting with me. I have been doing more hands on care as you could say and it has been going well.

I sat through an intake and it was very enlightning. I was nervous at first since this was a suicidal/homicidal thought process case. I relaxed after a bit, when I realized everything was going to be okay, but I did keep vigilant of my surroundings.

There is alot I need to get used too and that will take time. I am fine while I am at work, but when I have a day off I get nervous before going back. I am sure this is because of the unknown.

On a second note, I was wondering if any of you have ever been in a situation where you felt your safety was at risk and how did you handle this and what did you do to get yourself out of the situation.

I am just looking for some tips!!!


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Im glad things are going well for you. I am starting my new job on a locked unit in a week and a half. Im pretty nervous myself,keep hearing about people getting beat up and things like that is kind of unnerving.

Im glad things are going well for you. I know in nursing school, the psych instructor told us to never be in a situation or space where youcannot quickly exit. I was told that Keeping a matter of fact tone/attitude when someone is escalating is also a good idea. We were taught to help the person use their own internal controls first, if that doesnt work, to set a non punitive type structure for the patient, ie, " You seem annoyed, maybe it would be helpful if you take some time in your room , to gather your thoughts and then we can talk".

I have no idea if this stuff works but in theory it sounds good:lol2:

anyway, Im interested in hearing more about your job, as I will be in the same type of position very shortly!;)

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