First Day of Clinicals


I have been in the CNA course for 3 weeks now and I start clinicals at the nursing home tomorrow. I will be there from 7am-3pm and I am SO nervous. My anxiety is through the roof! I just want to get the first day over with. I have no idea what to expect. Will I be working with someone else? Am I going to have to do things alone right away or will someone help guide me? We have only practiced skills on our classmates and family members, I know it will be very different with the residents whom I am not familiar with.

Please help!!!


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Hello! At the clinicals I done for my CNA class I was only alone with a resident on the second day for one bed bath other than that I was always shadowing another CNA. I wouldn't worry about it too much I was a nervous wreck also but calmed down so much as soon as I got to the facility and met the CNA I would be working with. They are there to teach and help you get all the hands on experience you need! Good Luck with everything!!


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I think that every clinical can be a different experiance. With mine we were at a VA Home, and we never were alone. We also never bothered or shadowed the other CNAs that worked there. Whatever we did we had our instructor there, and she would tell us what we would do for that day of clinicals. The only thing we really did on our own would be to be with a partner and we would make a few beds in the mornings. But anything to do with the residents was done under the careful eye of our instructor.

Just try to relax and enjoy it a bit. You know the skills, and now you get to be a part of the compassion part of the classes. You get to say a sweet hello or good morning to someone and brighten their days. You can do this, and it will be good. Just have a bright outlook on it


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Hey hun, because it's clinicals you won't be alone. They wouldn't throw you into a facility w.o being certified and no experience lol. Try not to be nervous, there's no reason to. Make sure you soak up as much info as you can from your preceptor, don't be afraid to ask any form of questions. (I did when I was in my clinicals and it helped me out a lot :3)

Don't worry hun you got this :up: ;)