First Day of Clinical


Hello everyone, this is my first post. Long time reader.

I recently started nursing school. Today I went to my first day of clinical.

I went to a hospice. I was told that the average stay was 14 days before I went, so was ready for whatever might present itself.

I entered, was told to go to a room with a patient, and that he was dying. The family had not arrived, and it is their policy to always have somebody with a dying patient. I was there no longer than half an hour before he passed away. This was the first time I ever witnessed a death, and it was quite an emotional experience.

I felt like I needed to get this out there, and share my experience, and possibly hear the experience of others regarding this situation.

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It was great that you had the experience, now i would recoment a journal entry about the fact reflecting on your thoughts and emotions!

That Guy, BSN, RN, EMT-B

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The first one is always the worst I think. First time I ever saw someone die was from traumatic MVA. It tore me up bad since I was young when it happened. If it bothers you, dont feel bad to talk to someone about it, I did and it helped a lot.

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