First Cohort of a new ADN program?

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Has anyone been in the first class of a nursing prorgram? How was your experience? Was the school organized? Pros and Cons?


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Curious to see the answers to this...I'm enrolled in the first class of a new nursing program and start next week. I am most worried about the organization...I'm already running into problems with that. Even in talking to Financial Aid the lady had forgotten about the program and assumed I'd be driving to another campus. I hope it's better once things get started!


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Not to sound discouraging, but their alot of consquences being the first class. In my situation i'm the second class in my school, and it seems like they just make up new rules as they go along, they have people in the first batch taking classes without the correct pre-reqs, and now they're holding other students back, i've seen people being forced to repeat classes as well. In my situation it is very frustating. As a school I think they need to get the rules, policies and procedures in order before the next bunch start.


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Our school just teamed up with 3 others and re-did everything; we will be the first class!


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Our school just teamed up with 3 others and re-did everything; we will be the first class!

Are you nervous about being in the very first class?


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I, too, am not the first class but the second. I was kind of nervous about the program being so new, but our nursing director assured those of us that want to go further in our degrees not to worry. She sits on our BON so, I'm not worrying as much! Just hoping our first class shines and does well on their NCLEX!! But a lot of what I've seen going on sounds A LOT like what LadyLex posted. Hopefully, it will be straightened out by the next class to come through.

Good Luck to you!

Edited to add: my program is a things like this can go on with any new program I think.


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The nursing program itself is not new just how it is being taught, I am nervous, but that could be just starting nursing school

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