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First Clinical, any advice?


So as soon as the next session starts, I'll be going to my first clinical, and get my very first patient. I've never worked in the medical field before, so I'm really nervous. I have driving directions to the facility and I plan to set my alarm super early so I'll be on the site at 6:00 am sharp. However, I'm not sure what to expect. I've never been inside a nursing home, let alone been allowed to care for anyone there in. Can any of you experienced nurses/students give me a few pointers for a first timer? I'd really appreciate it.

My very first clinical will be in 2 weeks, and I, just like you, am looking for some advice as to what to expect and how to make sure I don't go stir-crazy. LOL I'm really excited, but at the same time, I'm nervous as well. I think I'm more nervous about the paperwork, rather than actually administering pt care. Have you been practicing care plans and diseases processes, and drug cards?? I've found them to be very helpful.

Good luck to you on your first clinical! :)

Well, my school seems to be set up a bit different then other schools. I haven't had med-surge or pharm yet. I know basic anatomy, and I've learned how to do everything a CNA can do--as well as administer enemas and do catheters. We've been doing care plans and have started working on documentation. As far as I know we're given a patient chart and we have to plan out an 8 hour shift of care for them based on that.

hi, im in my second med surg clinical rotation, and here's whats been really helpful for me.

get to the clinical site 15 min early.get your papers and supplies together, so you can hit the floor on time and prepared. i keep a memo sized 3 ring binder that has my drug cards and lab values cheat sheets. and in the front pocket i always have a journal entry page, my head to toe assessment form and a care plan. i keep 2 pens on my id badge, stethescope( invest in a littman, there is so much backround noise. youll need it.) i always keep my left pocket full of gloves. you can never have too many gloves in your pocket. youll need them.

now for the advice. be proactive, really read your patients chart. diagnosis, medications and recent labs. get the big picture. in LTC the nurses know these patients. so there not going to tell youmuch during report, just the pertinent issue. its up to you to find out the rest.

there will be alot of students who will stand around jaw jacking, you are not in clinical to socialize or play BS popularity games, its about you getting your education and becoming the best nurse you can be.

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