First attempt NCLEX fail! Gearing up for #2


I just took my nclex for the first time last week and found at that I failed. :( In prep for the first time all I studied were HESI reviews and I attended a HESI live review because it was included with my school's tuition. I also studied the NCLEX RN Mastery app which was the only thing that I studied prior to my nursing school exit exam and got the best score I had ever gotten with those. I had heard that the HESI was harder than the NCLEX and throughout my entire nursing program all of our exit exams were administered through HESI. I'm retaking once my 45 days are up and I'm looking for input regarding UWorld. All of my study group from nursing school used either Hurst or UWorld, some using both. I'm a little tight on money so I'm leaning more towards UWorld. Anyone have some input or any hints/help for a second-time NCLEX taker?